Metal Spraying – Hot, Cold, Thermal & Plastic!

metal spraying

Metal Spraying – Hot, Cold, Thermal & Plastic!

Did you know Penti-M Engineering Australia was the first to introduce metal spraying services in Rockhampton?

We are also the metal spraying specialists with a complete range of services to offer:

⚡️Hot Metal Spray
❄️Cold Metal Spray
🔥Thermal Arc
💈Plastic Powder Spraying
💦Corrosion Protection Spraying

Metal Spraying is used across all industries including, Mining, Rail, Automotive, Power Generation, Aerospace, Space, Medical and even as decorative art!

Some of the reasons metal spraying is used include:

✅ Increase durability
✅ Increase hardness
✅ Increase wear resistance
✅ Increase or decrease friction
✅ Corrosion protection
✅ Changing electrical properties
✅ Refurbishment of components
✅ Replace worn or damaged material
✅ Aesthetics
✅ Surface finish and texture
✅ Decorative art

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