Surfs Up at Surf Lakes Yeppoon

Surfs Up at Surf Lakes Yeppoon

Surf Lakes has developed exciting wave-making technology, using concentric waves. The technology is capable of producing a variety of waves shapes, ride lengths with varying degrees of difficulty that closely mimic natural ocean waves.

Penti-M Engineering are proud to have been involved in the mechanical upgrades from Phase 1 to Phase 2 as the proto-type testing continues and the technology is pushed to new heights with increased wave length and height.

The new technology is an exciting development in the professional and beginner surfing industry and is set to be a game changer across the world!

• Up to 2,400 waves per hour
• Eight separate breaks (four left breaking waves and four right)
• Peak wave height of 2.4 metres at premier break (eight feet face height)
• The unique 5 Waves system caters from beginner to pro simultaneously
• Can facilitate up to 240 surfers at the same time.

This site will be used to refine and perfect many aspects of the concept including increasing efficiencies of the wave generator, machinery, computer control systems, lake bathymetry, and wave shape and design.

For more information view the Surf Lakes website

Facts and pictures courtesy of Surf Lakes.