Investing in the Latest Technology

Investing in the Latest Technology

Penti-M Engineering Australia are proud to continue investing in the latest technology to provide our customers with cutting edge solutions and advanced manufacturing capabilities, locally in Rockhampton.

The latest addition to the toolbox is the all new 5 AXIS HYPERMILL CAM software. Penti-M already had 5 Axis capabilities but the upgrade to the latest software makes the possibilities even more exciting. CAM stands for ‘Computer Aided Manufacturing’ and the use of this technology saves time and allows the most complex parts to be manufactured.

HyperMill utilises leading 5-axis and postprocessor technology as well as diverse options for automation. These help to ensure a high level of competitiveness. The CAM system meets the highest requirements worldwide in the tool and mould manufacturing, production machining, automobile, aerospace, motorsports, medical engineering and turbine machining industries.

Paired with the Mazak Integrex, this new combination is very exciting and the possibilities are almost limitless! Penti-M are thrilled to be able to offer an even broader range of services to our customers.

Some examples of 5 Axis parts that we can manufacture are:
• turbine blades
• impellers
• gears, worm wheels, crown gears
• valve bodies
• automotive parts
• dies and moulds
• performance vehicle parts
• medical parts
• aerospace components
• complex 3D shapes
• + much more!

The team at Penti-M have enhanced their skills through the advanced training required to operate the CAM software and are ready to assist you with your manufacturing projects. We can save you time and money with quicker programming and production and manufacturing any complex parts locally here in Rockhampton.

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