CNC Machining – Billet Aluminium

CNC Machining – Billet Aluminium

Made in Rockhampton!

Penti-M Engineering Australia have just completed another exciting billet aluminium project for the power transmission industry.

This project involved many aspects of the Penti-M skillset, starting with a complete reverse engineering process of the existing componentry. Using the latest technology and equipment, the team were able to quickly develop accurate 3D models of all parts using SolidWorks.

The next process involved analysing the design and its material type for structural load capacities. Any changes or updates could easily be made to the models using the software. The next step was independent certification and safe working load boundaries and then parts were ready to be manufactured.

The 7075 aircraft aluminium grade billets were specially sourced within Australia to meet the strict requirements of the engineering certification.

The Mazak Integrex was setup with custom fixtures and tooling and programmed to machine the billets in a ‘synchronized’, ‘done-in-one-setup’ approach.

The finished products were then engraved with unique serial numbers and manufacturing information, as well as the certification details.

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