Unique Machine Designs For Any Application

Unique Machine Designs For Any Application

Unique Machine Design To Solve Your Problems

If you have an idea, we can design it. If you need a custom solution identified to fix a problem, we can make it happen. With state of the art 3D Modelling and design software, Penti-M Engineering can create, design, analyse, render or simulate in 3D, for simple and complex models.

Do you need an automated solution for your business? What about state-of-the-art machinery with the latest technology to greatly improve your production, flow or ease of operation? Then look no further. Penti-M Engineering have years of experience in new product designing.

Examples of world class machines designed, manufactured and precision machined by Penti-M include:

  • Spiral wrap cutting machines
  • Spiral wrap application machines
  • Grass seed harvester
  • Submersible air track for coal mines
  • Explosive Tube cutting machine
  • Hospital roller beds
  • Flail mower system
  • Motocross start gates
  • Tee-Eezy

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Our team of manufacturing engineers are ready to turn your ideas into reality!