Super De-Heater Nozzles – A Complex and Intricate Component for the Power Stations

Super De-Heater Nozzles – A Complex and Intricate Component for the Power Stations

Penti-M have just delivered the first batch of Super De-Heater Nozzles!

As the name suggests, the nozzles are used in the cooling of the steam in the boiler unit and are subject to the most extreme temperatures and temperature change. The material used for the manufacture of these nozzles is Inconel 600.

Inconel 600 may not be an alloy you’re familiar with but it plays an important role in many specialty applications. It is a nonmagnetic, nickel-based high temperature alloy possessing an excellent combination of high strength and corrosion resistance.
This alloy also displays good heat resistance and freedom from aging or stress corrosion throughout the annealed to heavily cold worked condition range.

Inconel 600 presents many machining problems, many of which are dramatically increased due to the dimensions, tolerances and surface finish requirements of the Super De-Heater nozzles. Some of the challenges include boring to a depth of 14 x the diameter of the boring bar, drilling and boring of a blind hole, drilling angular holes with a polished finish and achieving the fine tolerances on all critical dimensions.

The Penti-M team have developed custom tooling and special processes to ensure the nozzles are manufactured to the highest standard. Many other engineering companies have tried to manufacture these parts with little success. With the knowledge and experience of Wayne Keleher, owner of Penti-M Engineering, the problems were overcome and a high quality, precision product was completed by the deadline.

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