Stanwell Power Station – Unit 1 Major Overhaul 2019

Stanwell Power Station – Unit 1 Major Overhaul 2019

A $53 MILLION maintenance program is currently under way at Stanwell Power Station, near Rockhampton, to keep the state’s second biggest station ticking over reliably into the future.

The 77-day outage involves an overhaul of one of the station’s four 365 megawatt generation units, that together can generate up to 1460 MW of electricity. Stanwell plays a critical role in providing secure baseload power throughout Queensland. Stanwell is one of the youngest, most efficient and most reliable coal-fired power stations and regular maintenance is a key part of that performance level.

While new energy technologies such as renewable generation from solar and wind are entering the market, coal-fired power stations such as Stanwell Power Station still provide much of the electricity to Queensland homes, business and industry.

Importantly for Rockhampton, the overhaul will inject $11 million into the local economy, including with accommodation providers and maintenance contractors. Penti-M Engineering are proud to be working with Stanwell Corporation and Downer Mitsubishi Hitachi again for 2019 in a relationship which stretches for over 25 years.

Penti-M provide in-house machining services for the turbine and valve components as well as specialised onsite machining on specially designed CNC machines. Our experience over the last 25 years of specialising in the power generation industry allows us to provide the most efficient service possible to meet the tight deadlines required to get the unit back online as quickly as possible.