Repaired for a fraction of the cost of Replacement

Repaired for a fraction of the cost of Replacement

Penti-M Engineering Australia understands the importance of keeping your valuable production machines operating to their maximum potential.

This large plastic injection barrel from Sydney, NSW is a unique project, proudly re-engineered and repaired by Penti-M, reducing the downtime, frustration and most importantly, huge savings in replacement costs for our client.

With over 35 years of experience in advanced re-engineering and precision machining, Penti-M were able to deliver a tailored repair option for this vital production component. The key highlights in customer satisfaction include:

  • Time-frame –   24/7 around the clock service to ensure the minimum downtime was achieved
  • Capability –   our comprehensive engineering facility coupled with our invaluable experience
  • Cost savings –   re-engineered better than original for a fraction of replacement cost!

Our experienced team demonstrated our technical expertise and customer service driven focus to proudly deliver another engineering project on-time, in-time, first-time.

The Penti-M precision engineering process is depicted in this short video.