Proudly Supporting Motorsports in Rockhampton

Proudly Supporting Motorsports in Rockhampton

Speedway solo bikes return to Rockhampton for the first time in 10 years!

Penti-M Engineering are proudly supporting motorcycling in Rockhampton with the complete design and manufacture of an all new, world-first design, starting gate for the biggest speedway event held in Central Queensland in over a decade.

The new world class design proves to be a success with even faster gate launches, one button resets and zero mechanical failures keep the events running smoothly. The new design has been widely commended across Australia and even overseas and is 100{6ac96635704ee4f21a1fa8e5bd385acc4a79788420e41e0efd1682cf5b19be34} completed designed and manufactured in Australia.

Penti-M Engineering are proud to offer innovative solutions for any requirement and remain the leaders in engineering.

For more information please call Wayne (07) 4927 3160