Exotic Materials Machined With Ease

Exotic materials are becoming more and more common in all engineering industries as new advancements are made in material technology. Materials with critical properties are used for very specific applications and can vastly improve the lifetime or performance of previous materials. Penti-M Engineering have invested heavily...

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Unique Machine Designs For Any Application

Unique Machine Design To Solve Your Problems If you have an idea, we can design it. If you need a custom solution identified to fix a problem, we can make it happen. With state of the art 3D Modelling and design software, Penti-M Engineering can create,...

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New Website Launched

In keeping with Penti-M’s passion for all things innovative, we are proud to launch our new Penti-M Engineering website!┬áThe site showcases the work recently undertaken to refresh our branding and better reflect both our professionalism and attention to detail. On the website, you’ll find up to...

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