Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians

Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians

Keep business trading local for our own people’s prosperity!

Here at Penti-M Engineering, we are proud to manufacture Australian made parts, by Australians for Australians. This superior high quality product was machined for an upcoming power station shut down for a local power station (Stanwell Power Station). A High Temperature Super Alloy called ‘Inconel 600’ material was used to produce critical Super De-heater Nozzles.

These nozzles play a critical role in the successful operation of our local Power Station. These components start off life as a solid billet round bar of Inconel 600 cut down to the required lengths to begin the machining process. These billets are then rough turned and then drilled in many steps up to 341mm deep from the original cutting face. Once these steps have been completed, the outer diameter is turned to the finished measurement. Using a special 14D anti-vibration boring bar the inner diameter is then turned to the finished diameter of 66.8mm and 342mm deep. These processes present many challenges along the way and due to this, special tooling such as the 14D anti-vibration bar and a host of other various special tools that Penti-M Engineering have designed and manufactured for this particular task. Using our state of the art Mazak Integrex, the angled port holes are programmed into the machine and processed with the precision of 5 Axis CNC machining.

The Nozzles are then Honed on the inner diameter and the back internal face is polished to a mirror finish, to not only satisfy, but exceed the customer’s expectation. All polishing procedures are completed with special tooling once again to achieve the best possible and most efficient outcome. To finish the polishing process, all the angled port holes are buffed and the outer diameter polished for a superior finish better than original international OEM parts. This superior high quality Australian made product will extend the service life and reduce downtime for our most valued industry, Power Generation.

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