Innovation Through Design

Innovation Through Design

Innovative ideas keep Australia ahead of the world!

Do you have a problem? Do you want to work more efficiently and improve your bottom line? Of course you do! Let’s take a look at how Penti-M can help you achieve these outcomes.

Penti-M can fix any problem or offer an innovative solution to assist you and your valuable assets. If you have an idea, but are unsure how to make it a reality, we can work with you to bring the project to life, from start to finish. With the worlds most advanced 3D design software, your local engineering company can, design, articulate, stress test, calculate and motion simulate all in 3D, for any simple and complex models.

Do you need an automated solution for your business? What about state-of-the-art machinery with the latest mechanical and digital technology to greatly improve your production, flow or ease of operation? Then look no further. Penti-M Engineering have years of experience in new, innovative product designing.

YES – All our work is carried out in our local engineering workshop and is proudly ‘MADE IN ROCKHAMPTON’

Examples of world class machines designed, manufactured and machined by Penti-M include:

  • Spiral wrap cutting machines
  • Spiral wrap application machines
  • Hydraulic bench & tooling
  • Filter inspection bench & equipment
  • Grass seed harvester
  • Submersible air track for coal mines
  • Explosive tube cutting machine
  • Hospital roller beds
  • Flail mower system
  • Speedway starting gate – nitrogen powered
  • Motocross start gates
  • Tee-Eezy

The future awaits! Don’t get caught behind your competitors, take the step today and contact Wayne or Zane at Penti-M Engineering to discuss your problems and project requirements. Innovation is the future for Australia, so let’s work together!

Penti-M Engineering : (07) 4927 3160

(The above video showcases an innovative machine that was purpose to built to work 24/7 unmanned and dramatically improve a customers production efficiency)

Our team of manufacturing engineers are ready to turn your ideas into reality!